Why are we asking you to pledge?

It all goes back to planning. You deserve for the team at Alamo Community Church to be wise stewards of the resources invested here. Pledging helps us know whether we have enough financial resources in the months ahead to move forward. Your pledge will help us implement the principle Jesus spoke of in Luke 14:28."Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won't you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?”

Is my pledge amount in addition to my regular giving to Alamo Community Church?

Yes. Your regular giving supports the general operation of the church while your pledge fulfillment goes directly to support building Phase 1.

Is my pledge amount total for the whole capital campaign or is it per year?

Your pledge amount is the total you are choosing to give throughout the entire two year campaign. For planning purposes we ask that you break down your total amount into two, yearly estimated amounts. For example: if you pledge $100,000, you are pledging to give approximately $50,000 each year of the campaign.

When will construction begin?

If we have the financial resources construction could begin as early as summer 2018 with an expected completion date of late fall, 2019.

What do I do after I pledge?

After making your pledge we recommend you utilize our online giving system Pushpay where you can set up a reoccurring gift, or give anywhere, anytime you are ready.

If you prefer to give via check, you can make it payable to:
ATTN: ForTheAlamoCity
10650 Culebra Rd / Ste. 104, Pmb 685
San Antonio, TX 78251

*If you utilize your bank's online bill pay system, you will also want to make sure you edit your record to include “ForTheAlamoCity” on your memo line.  For additional questions feel free to email us at info@forthealamocity.org